Best Tennis Socks

Best Tennis Socks 2024 List

When it comes to tennis it is necessary to pay attention to every gear you use playing. All experts agree that shoes are one of the most important thing, but let’s do not forget about socks as this is also a very important footwear for tennis players to prevent injuries and improve their game. Everyone wants to feel comfortable and the first thing we need to take care of is gear that is touching our body directly.

Most tennis pros choose game socks pay major attention to 3 main criteria: support, fabric, cushion.

Let’s see the best tennis socks for today as this list is made based on user experience who already use them and their insights about quality and feel. Don’t forget that these socks also reduce the risk of blistering, not only that but also the level of moisture is way lower wearing appropriate socks. So, conclusion is that tennis socks are an important part of the game. See our list for top picks which will help you to make a right choice.

Top 6 Socks For Tennis

Wilson Mens Tennis Premium Crew Socks

Wilson's Men PremiumIf you are in to tennis you can recognize Wilson brand as it’s world’s leading manufacturer of sporting goods and their racquets are used by professionals. If they are making top notch tennis equipment we think that socks they are offering is top quality. We were right regarding this. These socks provide mesh ventilation allowing your feet to feel comfortable and breath inside shoes while you are playing. Tennis players have only good things to say about this model, for example, about half cushioning which helps a lot by absorbing shock. It features “W” logo on the outside of the ankle. They are coming in packs of 3 pairs.
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Vitalsox Tennis No Show Socks

Vitalsox Tennis No ShowThese are one of the most popular types of socks that people use for a variety of purposes. Designed especially for use during tennis in Italy using the finest quality of fibers to keep the feet dry, comfortable and blister free, these socks can be worn for walking, sleeping, and standing and even for those who suffer from plantar fasciitis.


  • Available in variety of colors.
  • A large variety of sizes available for both men and women.
  • Support for plantar ligament.
  • Arch support starting from the middle of the foot.
  • Made in Italy using latest technology and best quality fibers.


  • Superior shape keeps the socks from sliding down into the shoes.
  • Each individual pair of socks is hand inspected for quality control.
  • It is equipped with Silver Drystat that is the fiber that keeps the moisture under control to protect from bacteria and fungus.
  • The socks are equipped with odor control.
  • They dry quickly.
  • Designed especially for tennis players.
  • Also useful for maternity wear, walking, running or lounging.


  • These socks do not fit everyone right and have too much material around the heels.

Most people who use these socks had a great experience whether they bought them for themselves or as a present. A few people had complains of the size of the socks not fitting in perfectly but majority had no complains and commented that wearing these socks greatly reduced their foot pain as well.

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Drymax Tennis Crew Socks

Drymax Tennis Crew SocksThese tennis socks are the perfect socks to be playing tennis in. The game of tennis places a lot of stress on the feet and so they need to be protected and the right fit of shoes and socks should be worn so there is no strain on the feet.


  • 67% olefin, 23% polyester, 7% nylon and 3% elastane.
  • Made in the United States.
  • Breathable fabric.
  • Available in black and white/gray colors.


  • Designed with a special Dual Layer Moisture Removal System.
  • There is high density padding over the toes and under the feet.
  • Can be used in mild to warm weather conditions.
  • They dry quickly.
  • Keeps the feet dry and clean.
  • They keep the feet odor free.


  • These socks can get too hot and sweaty sometimes.
  • There is no element of anti perspiration in the socks.

These tennis socks are quite useful for those who play tennis. Most customers who bought these had no complains and found them so comfortable, that they even used them for lounging around the house in! Some customers however, had complains of their feet staying constantly sweaty and unable to breathe in these socks. Majority of the customer had no complains.

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NIcool Socks for Men&Women Athletic

Nicool yellow sockThese NIcool socks are the perfect sports socks which can be worn as an everyday wear as well. These keep the feet dry and comfortable which makes them blister free and keeps them from having an undesirable odor.


  • Available in a variety of colors.
  • Quick drying.
  • Coolmax Polyster fabric.
  • Suitable for men and women both.
  • Can be used for running, jogging or marathons.
  • One pair per package.


  • It is equipped with a stay up heel cup which keeps the socks from sliding down the shoes.
  • The fabric is dry fit which gives a moisture control and reduces growth of fungus and bacteria.
  • The socks are durable, comfortable and breathable.
  • Keeps the odor under control.
  • The compression improves blood flow and boost performance.
  • Cushioned heel and toe for shock absorption provides safety for jumping or running.
  • Eliminates foot stress.


  • The size of the socks may not be the perfect fit for all.

Most customers loved the socks and especially the fact that it keeps their feet dry all day long. Most people find them so comfortable that they have purchased more than six or seven pairs and have highly recommended them. There are no negative reviews and all customers have given these socks a high star rating.

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Thorlos Unisex Thick Padded Socks

Thorlos Unisex Thick PaddedThorlos is coming with this great model of tennis socks which offers amazing foot protection and helping to reduce appearance of blisters after long match. Some people are saying that they don’t have a tight fit around the sock but this is not common in majority of consumers. This lack of tight fit is compensated with natural material construction and this is a huge benefit. Socks are nicely padded and it’s all in the places where the padding and should be. We promise that if you try these socks you will come back for more as they are one of the most popular among tennis players.
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HUSO Performance Men’s Tennis Socks

Huso PerformanceHuso performance socks are known for its ergonomic characteristics by conforming tight fit around nerves and muscles this way increasing circulation and also reducing inflammation. It’s made from COOLMAX fabric, this material is created to offer super moisture wicking and to keep your feet dry during tough games. These are available in 9 different colors so if you are looking for stylish pair of tennis socks you should get these. To be more detailed about materials I want to add this: they are made from 42% polyester, 38% nylon, 5% cotton and 14% spandex, 5% elastic. To reduce foot stress and abrasion sock is lightly padded at the heel and toe, which also adds comfort and pleasure to wear.
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We are confident to declare that by choosing one of the above you will be satisfied. This page will be updated if any new quality models will come out to the market.

Importance Of Wearing Special Socks

If you are a hardcore player you know that every distraction can be a deciding factor of winning or losing. You have to feel comfortable and the most important thing is your feet. You don’t want to feel like your feet is wet because of sweating and also don’t want to feel the heat. If you choose too thin socks there is a high chance of blister to show up. To keep your focus on the game only you should choose special socks which are made for tennis.

What Muscles Are Trained by Playing Tennis

Tennis is one of the sports which use all of your energy and strength with powerful strokes and the nature of the game that is so repetitive it gives an overall fitness and action pattern.
Kinetic chain is the power that is behind every shot that is generated through the body links or segments while playing tennis. The body part you use firstly are your feet which is then transferred to your lower legs, hips trunk, upper legs, upper arms, forearms, shoulders and then lastly, on your hand. The muscles which are used mostly are your calves, upper legs, hamstrings in the back of the thighs and the butt. Next comes in the abdominal muscles and finally the chest muscles.

Overall, tennis is a game that might seems that you are playing with your arms but is a complete body workout involving your whole body muscles.

Interesting Thing About Serena Williams and Her Socks

Serena WilliamsIf you are familiar with pro sports you know who Serena Williams is, but for those who don’t know she is one of the best women’s tennis association players in the world and is always in Top 3 in rankings.

Tennis world knows some interesting fact: Serena doesn’t change socks between rounds. Yes, you read it right, she is wearing the same pair from the first to the last round. She even once told to the press that she doesn’t change her socks if she is in the winning streak at tournament.

Another interesting thing is that she teas her shoes the same way before each match. This is interesting and I believe that every player has some quirky things they believe in and a good example is Novak Djokovic – he never uses the same shower twice in a row and takes his best friend poodle Pierre with him during his participation in tournaments. One time he as not allowed to take his buddy and he lobbied the tournament staff to be allowed to take his dog with him, of course they agreed.