Best Hockey Socks

Best Hockey Skate Socks In The Market 2024

Hockey is fun and passion for many. Hockey players and enthusiasts love to try different hockey skates, invest their money in safe hockey equipment and wear (like hockey skate socks) to make the most out of their passion. One thing that is very significant: you can never play a sport if you do not feel comfortable.

When you are playing hockey and want to determine where your comfort level lies, let us sort that out for you; it’s in your hockey skates and hockey skate socks. Many people do not realize the importance but let it be very clear; you need to buy hockey skate socks before you get your hockey skates.

Top 7 Hockey Skate Socks to Buy

With such huge brands and manufacturers, you might get confused over which one to rely on one. We did the job for you!
Here comes a list with detailed description for the top 7 hockey socks available out there:

1. ChalkTalkSPORTS Half Cushioned Crew Hockey Socks

ChalkTalkSPORTS Hockey Half Cushioned Crew SocksChalkTalkSPORTS hockey socks come with a cool blend of 80% acrylic, 15% nylon, and 5% spandex. Crafted with premium polyester and nylon, this is the blend you can trust. This high-quality material offers great comfort. Also, these are highly durable.

The fabric is soft yet strong. It dries way faster than simple cotton socks and so, keeps sweat away from your skin. With the Moisture-wicking technology of ChalkTalkSPORTS, you are never going to feel sweaty in your feet.

Sizes:  Socks are available in crew length. These are good enough to fit all the sized feet. In men, it fits shoe size 5 to 11, and for women, it is good for the ones with shoe size 6 to 12.

Other qualities: ChalkTalkSPORTS hockey socks are available in different colors. If you want to make yourself the most attractive player of the game, this pair of hockey skate socks is the one to get.

Coming at an affordable price, you will love spending your bucks on these hockey skate socks.


  • Soft and breathable material
  • One size fits most of the people
  • Moisture-wicking technology


  • You might not find the perfect fit with this all-in-one size socks.
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2. DoGree Hockey Solid Color Knit Hockey Socks

DoGree Hockey Solid Color Knit DoGree hockey knit hockey socks are thick and warm hockey socks made up of 50% polyester and 50% cotton. These are knit to provide maximum comfort and retain quality over time.

The material is treated with anti-microbial chemicals to prevent sore feet, fungus, and bacteria even after hours of wearing. You can wear these hockey socks all day long without having to worry about your feet.

Sizes: DoGree socks come in four different sizes. The sizes are named as Youth (20”), Junior (24”), Intermediate (28”) and Adult (32”).
You can choose which length you want and what fits you best.

Other qualities: You can get DoGrees in some impressive solid colors such as black, gold, navy, royal, white and red.

Another good thing about DoGree socks is that they come with elasticized ankle to offer great shape fit and retention. This keeps your ankle in place, reducing the risk of ankle twists.


  • Anti-microbial qualities
  • Elasticized ankle
  • Different sizes for a great fit


  • Might not be suitable in hot weather
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3. Swiftwick Hockey Twelve

Swiftwick HOCKEY TWELVESwiftwick Hockey Twelve socks are built with composite yarns that enhance performance and offer the protection players need. These high-density knits are soft yet strong, making your hockey skate socks highly durable.

The fabric includes cut-resistant fibers to protect Achilles and tibial tendons from getting hurt by skate blade lacerations. This signature Olefin fiber is lightweight and comes with moisture wick technology to absorb moisture and dry out immediately.

Due to its double welt cuff, the socks stay in place no matter what. It ensures that the sweat does not get into your lower leg and skates.

The contoured or sculptured compression provides a great fit, so the socks do not bunch or slip into your skate. Also, they come with medium cushioning for an active yet comfortable day. What adds more to the comfort is its seamless toe which helps eliminate the friction between toe and skate.

Looking upon the material and manufacture design, it seems like Swiftwick Hockey Twelve socks are made to fit exactly to the needs of hockey enthusiasts.

Sizes: It comes in various sizes ranging from X-small to X-large so you can easily choose the one that fits you best.

Other qualities: High-quality material and compatible design make Swiftwick socks perfect hockey skate socks for ice hockey. You can glide on the ice just like you do in the field in summers.


  • Cut resistant zones
  • Moisture wick technology
  • Prevents sweat from reaching skates
  • Seamless toe design
  • No chance of cuts or bruises


  • Some customers complain about durability
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4. S17 Bauer Core Tall Skate Socks

S17 Bauer Core TallS17 Bauer Core socks are manufactured with high-quality material that makes these socks equally good for all weathers. Being neither too thick nor too thin, these are great for people who do not want to keep changing their socks.

Sizes: It is made available in five different sizes from X-small to X-large. You are free to choose the one that fits you perfectly well!

Other qualities: S17 Bauer Core socks offer a comfortable yet strong fit. This makes the socks stay in place. Also, these are taller in height which makes it a great option for hockey players who like the taller style for hockey skate socks.

These socks make you feel great while playing. However, one thing you need to keep in mind is that they come with only 30 days warranty. This means the material is not very durable. But coming at a low price, many customers do not really mind that especially those who are not avid hockey players.

So if you are a beginner or like to play hockey just as a hobby, S17 Bauer Core is a good choice.


  • Affordable
  • Strong fit and comfortable
  • Comes in five different sizes


  • Not very durable
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5. TronX SK100 Dry Fit Socks

TronX SK100 Dry Fit IceTronX SK100 dry-fit socks offer a blend of dry knit and mesh. Each sock comes with 2 built-in Velcro straps to keep it in place. The ankle has a bubble band for a great fit.

Also, the decorative interlock insert ensures that you are secured as well as comfortable during the game. Overall, the material is of high quality and lightweight yet thicker than it seems to be.

The fabric dries immediately as its name suggests. Another good thing about these socks is that they do not absorb odors. So you are free to keep these on all day for several gaming practices.

Sizes: TronX SK100 dry-fit hockey socks are available in five different sizes: 20 inches, 22 inches, 24 inches, 26 inches, 28 inches, and 30 inches respectively. This is good news for people searching for a close yet a wide range of sock sizes.

Other qualities: These socks come in different colors if you are bored with all white or all black skate socks. Also, the embroidered Tron logo on the front makes them different and unique.
Coming at an affordable price, TronX SK100 hockey skate socks are worth a try!


  • Built-in Velcro straps
  • High-quality material
  • Lightweight but thicker
  • Do not absorb odors


  • Only for people who like taller socks
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6. STX Field Hockey Shin Guard Socks

STX Field Hockey Shin Guard SockSTX Field Hockey Shin Guard socks are made up of 100% fibers which makes these socks lightweight and breathable. The material enhances the overall performance as it keeps shin-guards in place during the day.

One thing you need to remember is that shin guards need to be bought separately. So if you like the idea of shin guards and are looking for such socks, STX Field Hockey skate socks are the one!

Sizes: These socks come in a single size only yet fit perfectly.
Other qualities: STX Field Hockey skate socks do not offer seam construction to keep the socks easy to wear and comfortable.

Moreover, these socks are available in lots of colors. You can go for the contrast or pick up the one that exactly matches your team uniform.


  • Lightweight and breathable
  • No seam construction
  • Keeps shin guards in place


  • Shin guards are sold separately
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7. COLDINDOOR Mesh Dry Fit Ice Hockey Socks

COLDINDOOR Adult Youth Dry FitCOLDINDOOR Mesh Dry Fit Ice Hockey socks are the talk of the town. These unique hockey skate socks have become increasingly popular in a short time. This is due to its light and high-quality fabric that makes the players feel cool about wearing these.

Ventilated mesh fabric along with high strength polyester material makes these hockey socks different from traditional heavy knit socks. This is something newbie hockey players are looking for!

Another great quality of this fabric is that it is anti-bacterial. Coming with sanitation properties, it keeps you safe and protected even if you wear these socks all day long.

Also, the fabric is highly water-resistant and dries quickly. This keeps the socks light and fresh.

Sizes: When it comes to the sizes, COLDINDOOR socks are available in three sizes – XS (20 – 22 inches), S (24 – 26 inches) and L (28 – 30 inches).
Other qualities: The bottom of COLDINDOOR socks includes is elasticized. This makes it a little uneasy about sliding down but feels gentle once done.

Moreover, these come with 2 Velcro straps to hold the socks in place and secured. This helps the material stretch enough to secure your shin guards.


  • Ventilated mesh fabric
  • Anti-bacterial properties
  • Water-resistant material
  • Elasticized bottom


  • Might feel uneasy while wearing
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Hockey Skate Socks – The Ultimate Buying Guide

See what’s important in choosing the pair of hockey socks that will make you love this game more and feel comfortable. Here’s all you need to know before you make a decision on which ones to pick.

Why is it important to wear hockey skate socks?

Hockey skate socks are important to wear because it affects your comfort level greatly. With a special hockey sock on, the feel of the foot inside skate is different than you would get otherwise and it is definitely better.

Some players do not use any special hockey socks at all, but you should not be inspired. That might be because of some medical problem or played without socks from the beginning. As far as present hockey coaching is concerned, hockey skate socks is made a requirement for players.

Once you play with special made hockey socks, you are going to feel a huge difference.

What is the right length?

There is no definite length your socks should be of. There are different lengths, and you can choose according to the feel you like. Three significant lengths include:

  • Short socks
  • Calf socks
  • Knee-length socks

Short socks come just up the foot and will barely cover your ankle. Players who do not like wearing socks up high usually go with short socks.

Calf socks or medium socks are liked by most people and are highly comfortable. Covering half of your leg under the knees, they offer a good sports experience.

Knee-length socks or tall socks cover up your knee as well. Many players like to have their knees covered for added safety and comfort.

You can try on different sizes to determine what keeps you most comfortable during the game.

What is the best material?

A wide range of manufacturers produces hockey skate socks and so, come in different materials. We often see thick hockey socks nit of wool. Moreover, there are other materials, such as polyester and cotton, that feel really light.

Again, it comes back to the feel!

However, it is recommended to go with the season. If you are going to play hockey in cold winters, wool socks is the best choice. And if it is summer, you are good to go with any light material. Make sure it is not too light to rip apart.

Should hockey socks be thick or thin?

This is one of the most often asked questions regarding hockey skate socks: should they be thick or thin?

Thin socks allow more comfort while thick socks come with cushioning. While some hockey enthusiast likes to wear socks but feels like not wearing anything, they prefer thin socks. On the other hand, players who like to have some cushioning around their leg usually go with thicker socks.

Weather is another important factor. You can obviously not wear thin socks if you are going to play ice hockey. If it is in the field, thin socks work well.

Make sure you get the socks based on your comfort level and type of hockey game you play.

Can I wear more than one?

Yes, you definitely can. Many people wear multiple socks like a thick pair of socks over a thin one. The idea might have come from different people using each other’s socks and making them fit somehow. However, the idea has helped in the long run.

Multiple socks offer added cushioning if that’s the feel you are most comfortable in.

Also, wearing multiple socks provide a tighter feel of the foot, which keeps you firmly in the field.

One good reason to wear multiple hockey socks is to protect your feet from blisters. While you play, friction is produced between your foot and your skate, resulting in blisters. To prevent blisters, wearing a thin pair of sanitary socks under thick socks is highly recommended. It ensures that the friction remains between your skate and your socks instead of skin.

Do special socks affect skate fit?

A BIG, yes!

Socks affect skate fit a lot. If you were wearing thinner socks when you went to buy your hockey skates, you bought the pair that fit you best. Now if you wear thicker socks afterward while playing, it is going to give a tighter than usual feel.

You must determine beforehand if you prefer thinner socks or thicker ones to play hockey. Then, you must be wearing those socks when you go out buying your hockey skates. That is why it was mentioned above that buying a pair of your hockey skate socks is important before you get hockey skates.

Ways of Wearing Hockey socks

There are 4 most popular ways to wear hockey socks: Full tuck, Standard Tuck, Tongue Tuck and Flop. Watch the video below of how it looks like:

The Verdict

Hockey skate socks are essential if you are really an enthusiastic hockey player. These need to be included in your hockey kit because of comfort, protection, and feel they offer. Out of the hockey mentioned above skate socks, you can get the one that suits best to your requirements.

Happy hockey skating!