Sure Ways To Get Rid of Unpleasant Feet Smell For Long

Unpleasant feet smell is a problem which can give a set of an inconvenience. From what it arises and as to get rid of it, read in the following article.

Foot – body part which experiences considerable strain during day. Being in the movement, not only internals, but also all systems are activated. So also, the system of sweating which includes a huge number of glands comes into action. If health in a full order, then and problems is not observed. And here if you are disturbed by the increased sweating which is followed by an unpleasant smell of your legs, it is worth understanding illness sources.

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About Sweating Physiology

Then call water solution of organic substances and mineral salts which are emitted with glands internal secretion. Release of sweat at the healthy person – one of mechanisms of thermal control of an organism. It is necessary to tell that it plays a socially important role as is a carrier of pheromones and many biologically active agents. The person has the greatest number of sweat glands, on the feet there are more than 200, and on palms about 600 on cm2.

The smell in many respects depends on sex and happens both sharp repellent, and imperceptible, but attractive. In a healthy organism the smell of fresh sweat is almost not notable. Strongly expressed, unpleasant, characteristic smell usually appears after some time. Bacteria which live on a body actively breed, then and emergence of the corresponding adverse aromas is caused.

Sweat which is emitted with sweat glands on feet consists of mineral salts, various acids, and the amino acids dissolved in water. It is worth noticing that all components – the final products of a metabolism of your organism. Bacteria which live on our skin, interacting with these products of allocation, decay, making at the same time a fetid odor.

Reasons of an Unpleasant Smell

Not only pathogenic microorganisms can become the reason of so unpleasant feelings. It is not accepted to speak about a smell which proceeds from legs aloud. About it most often are silent and try to understand independently. Before getting rid of him it is necessary to understand in what the main reasons for his emergence.

Temperature Conditions

In hot season under the influence of high temperatures of air, in an organism the reflex works. At emergence of irritations of receptors of the integuments perceiving heat sweat glands become more active. Thereby they participate in regulation of temperature condition of a body. At allocation of liter of sweat 2436 kJ thanks to which the organism is cooled are formed. If air temperature low, release of sweat sharply decreases. If yours has no sharply expressed smell, then in hot weather the unpleasant aroma from legs can appear, only through a long period.


Much know that only qualitative and natural footwear does not cause allergic reactions and possible diseases. Putting on artificial footwear it is possible to create an ideal environment for reproduction of bacterial infections. In the presence of fungal carriers this situation is aggravated. A warm damp environment is created in dermatin footwear. At the same time not only greenhouse effect for your legs is created, but disease “nursery” is formed. The main lack of such products – not hygroscopicity. In other words your legs do not “breathe”. Sweat is emitted, but there is no place to come out to it therefore he impregnates fabric and to remove a smell it is even more difficult to become.

There is a set of ways of fight against unpleasant smells of footwear, but first of all, it is necessary to take care of frequent change of socks and footwear and also regular hygienic procedures. In avoidance it is necessary to stop wearing rubber footwear and socks from synthetic fabrics.

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Of course, fungal diseases – leaders among activators of an unpleasant smell of legs. However, the increased sweating can be a consequence of such medical problems as excess weight. Besides strengthening of work of sweat glands can provoke neuroendocrine violations. Diseases of a thyroid gland are a striking example. Also, the perspiration often increases at tuberculosis, bronchitis, exacerbation of pneumonia, at problems with cardiovascular system, at sharp falling of an indicator of glucose, flat-footedness.

There is a lot of reasons, but even the person healthy at first sight can suffer from perspiration of legs. 1 sq. cm of a foot can carry out huge amount of a time of sweat glands. Therefore, at their active functioning it is impossible to forget about elementary hygienic rules at all.

Emotional Pressure

The unpleasant smell and excessive perspiration are observed also at an emotional tension. The increased sweating is observed at excitement, fear and stresses. And they can carry as periodic character, and to pass into a chronic state. Directly emotional pressure does not cause an unpleasant smell but can become the reason of the increased sweating that in turn can lead to it.

Effective Ways to Fight Against Perspiration and Unpleasant smell

Today very many various ways of the solution of the problems caused by an unpleasant smell of legs are thought up. The main thing to begin to fight in due time. First of all it is necessary to be defined whether the unpleasant smell is a cause of illness. If the expert reveals that an unpleasant stench of your legs – personal feature of an organism, start search of optimum permission of this question. Modern cosmetic and medicines offer a set of options. We represent checked and the most effective of them.

  1. Daily hygienic washings of legs. Whenever possible it is necessary to wipe them few times during the day with a damp towel.
  2. After the cleaning procedures, just before a dream, not superfluous will be to apply the moisturizing cream which will soften a foot. During the winter period skin is overdried therefore it is possible to use fat cream.
  3. At excessive sweating it is recommended to powder folds between fingers and feet before an exit from the house. Having gone outside, special powder will well absorb the formed moisture, preventing formation of an unpleasant smell. Children’s powder can become an excellent alternative also.
  4. One of effective remedies, at excessive sweating of legs, is a deodorant. At his regular use it is possible not only to refresh skin of legs, but also to destroy bacteria. To optimum use special deodorants not for a body, and for legs. They are developed in such a way that in their structure there are special additives.
  5. If you catch a smell so strongly that it becomes indecent to be undressed on a visit or public places, it is time to use an antiperspirant. Of course, legs will not cease to sweat, but medicines reduce sweating. Special salts of zinc or aluminum which effect is directed to narrowing of output channels of a time of sweat glands are their part. The tanning effect allows to overcome a problem of emergence of an unpleasant smell. They are made great variety, and it is possible to get antiperspirants in the form of cream, lotion, gel or spray. It is worth noticing that to apply them is more practical just before a dream when a body to be in rest and they effectively make the work.
  6. Are favorable for extremities and a tray. Special infusions normalize work of blood vessels, purify skin and perfectly normalize sweating, eliminating at the same time an unpleasant smell. For bathtubs it is possible to use not only natural components (broth of oak bark, a camomile, a lavender), but also sea salt which makes the toning impact.
  7. It is necessary to refuse also dermatin footwear in favor of genuine leather. Also, as well as cotton socks, she allows legs “to breathe”. It is worth noticing what not superfluous will walk bare feet or in sandals at each opportunity.
  8. If there is an opportunity, it is necessary to change socks and footwear several times a day. Replacement of insoles can also become an alternative. Thus, you allow footwear to dry out and be aired, it in turn allows to reduce an unpleasant smell.
  9. It is worth reminding that such drinks as coffee and alcohol and also spicy, spicy food can intensify sweating process which is in turn capable to cause an unpleasant smell of legs.
  10. Perfectly helps as well lavender oil. They need to grease legs for the night, and after to put on cotton socks and it is possible to go to bed. Lavender oil has a pleasant smell and bactericidal action. At night it destroys bacteria and interferes with their active reproduction.
  11. Surely you watch that your footwear stayed in clothes no more than three years. Especially the question is relevant when business concerns sneakers and other sports shoes. It is absurd to remind of course, but it is not necessary to wear someone else’s shoes.
  12. Do not forget about a regular pedicure. Removal of undesirable outgrowths, excess skin and a nail plate – compulsory procedures, both for men, and for women.

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Homemade Ways to Avoid Unpleasant Feet Smell

Effective remedies for fight against an unpleasant smell can be made independently at home. As we were already defined that unpleasant smells arise at excessive sweating, it is necessary to understand as it to avoid. Several useful and effective decisions:

  • After strong tea do not throw out old tea leaves. They can be used, by making strong infusion, rinse with it your legs. Microcomponents – the tannins which are contained in tea work with the knitting effect and reduce sweating.
  • Rinsing favorably affects activity of sweat glands. It is possible to add sea salt to water or to make an acetic bathtub.

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  • Shea butter, corn starch and soda – components by means of which it is possible to make an excellent mask for our feet. Having added several drops of fragrance, you can give to cream a gentle smell. For this purpose oil of mint, an anise or lavender will be ideal radio.
  • Effectively the combination of ground tea (black or green) and bay leaf helps. These it is desirable to use powder for drying and deodorizing of your footwear.
  • Sweating is more than norm – it also the internal problem therefore it is necessary to take care also of the water balance is prophetic. It is necessary to drink 2 liters of water daily to use. And also periodically to use Dog-rose broth. These berries perfectly restore forces and satisfy thirst and also favorably affect sweating.