socks as a gift

Why Socks Are the Best Gift Ever

Socks are a very popular gift. They come in all shapes and sizes, colors, patterns and styles. You can buy them to match your favorite outfit or they can be plain black socks that you just want because they look good on their own. Whatever reason you have for buying someone socks it should not be about how great they look but rather what purpose they serve. Here are 10 reasons why socks make perfect gifts.

Keeps Your Feet Warm and Comfortable All Winter Long

If you live anywhere near cold weather then you know it is important to keep warm during those long winter months when there isn’t much outdoor activity going on. One way many people like to stay warm is with woolen lined, thick socks. It’s true that these get expensive over time so if you are looking at socks as a gift this may not work out too well unless of course you give more than one pair. Another option would be getting some cheap cotton athletic socks (or even better ones from Walmart). These will do the job and won’t cost nearly as much money.

Give a Surprise Gift Without Breaking the Bank

Whether they’re giving you a birthday present or Christmas presents it can sometimes be hard to find the right gift without breaking the bank. There are so many things under $50 dollars nowadays that could make an amazing gift. Just go shopping online and see what’s available. Remember to try and stick within the budget you set yourself though otherwise you might end up wasting money! When looking for socks as a gift, try finding something inexpensive such as some basic white cotton socks, maybe two different colored pairs and let them decide which color goes best with their clothing. This makes it easy for them to pick out the socks themselves instead of having to choose between multiple possibilities.

Add Personality to Any Set Of Underwear or Outer Clothing with Socks

Sometimes people don’t think that adding socks to everyday casual clothes adds any personality whatsoever. However most people really appreciate being given choices and options when it comes to wearing clothing. For example, putting on jeans and a t shirt doesn’t always mean sporting the same boring old style underwear every day. What if you got some nice new boxers or briefs? Wouldn’t it feel great to put on a pair of socks that complimented today’s wardrobe choice? Plus socks also add comfort and support while keeping feet dry and odor free. Now imagine trying to wear thin cotton sock with a pair of tight fitting pants…it wouldn’t happen. Not only does adding socks help improve the overall appearance of your attire but it also improves its functionality.

Improve Their Appearance by Adding Some Color & Style to Everyday Clothes

Many people shy away from colorful socks simply due to lack of confidence in their ability to pull off various outfits. Well here’s where choosing socks as a gift can actually help tremendously. Since socks aren’t usually worn regularly by anyone other than men, women often need extra encouragement to experiment with fashion accessories. Choosing socks specifically designed to coordinate with certain outer garments such as dresses, skirts, tops etc can provide a boost of motivation. Women who are normally afraid of taking part in social activities because they are self conscious about their looks will suddenly become interested once they realize how stylish and fun they’ll appear after matching up a few items of clothing with specific socks. In general, women tend to shy away from patterned socks simply because they don’t believe they look good enough to ever use again. But now that we’ve established that socks can be fashionable, perhaps women will start feeling less intimidated when it comes to experimenting with new types of footwear.

Great Way to Express Yourself Through Fashion

Everyone has their own individual sense of style. While others may say “I’m comfortable in whatever I wear” you may disagree saying “no I am definitely rocking my look”. Maybe you’d prefer to show off your individuality through bold prints, bright colors, intricate designs, funky patterns or unique textures. That’s exactly what socks can offer. Letting your personal taste guide your decision making process when selecting socks as a gift means you will hopefully end up receiving a product that suits you perfectly.

Look Good at Work Even if You Don’t Wear Them Often

Most workplaces require employees to dress professionally and appropriately. Being seen in mismatched socks may seem alright in high school or college but at work it shows poor judgment and disrespect towards management. Wearing socks that are either too big or too small can cause problems as well. Finding the proper size can take time especially since everyone wears different sized shoes. Also, working professionals typically spend hours sitting throughout the day whether at home or at work. Having uncomfortable, ill fitted socks can lead to back pain and fatigue later down the line. So avoid these pitfalls and opt for quality designer socks made from soft yet durable materials.

Improves Comfort on Hard Surfaces Like Concrete Floors And Tiled Walkways

As mentioned earlier, workers spend quite a bit of time walking around on surfaces like concrete floors and tile walkways in both office buildings and warehouses. Getting blisters from shoe leather soles can prove to be extremely painful. Investing in some quality, top of the line socks can help alleviate the discomfort caused by rough flooring material.

Make a Statement About Who Someone is with an Interesting Design or Pattern

No man wants to be known as Mr Plain Old White Sock. Especially if he likes his current style of undies! People generally enjoy showing off their personalities via fashion so why not invest in socks that reflect yours? Unique design or interesting patterns can create a conversation piece amongst friends and family members alike.

Makes a Fun Impression on Others Due to its Unusualness

How many times have you heard someone mention how cool they thought another person was simply based upon their unusual fashion choice? This happens frequently with socks. Seeing someone rock brightly colored socks, crazy animal print socks or novelty socks in public can instantly draw attention from passersby. Depending on where you live, this can open doors to opportunities never imagined before.

Can be Used as a Layering Device During Cold Months

Socks are used as layering devices all year round. Think of all the layers of clothing you wear including jackets, sweaters, scarfs, hats and gloves. Then consider how each layer serves a particular function. Do you remember how annoying it was to remove bulky coats in sub freezing temperatures? Imagine doing the same thing with lightweight fabrics like silk, fleece and cashmere. Instead of removing cumbersome outerwear, you can easily peel off the offending item and slip on a thinner inner garment underneath. This is particularly useful in colder climates and is ideal for staying warm during winters. Furthermore, socks are light weight and breathable allowing heat to escape properly thus preventing overheating.

So next time you’re thinking about purchasing socks for a friend, relative or loved one, stop and ask yourself “why?” The answer may surprise you. Socks are truly timeless treasures that last longer than our memories. We love them mainly because they allow us to express ourselves through fashion. Besides helping us look good, they also play a vital role in improving our health and wellbeing. Hopefully this article has helped shed some insight into the importance of socks and why they deserve a place on your holiday list this season.