Is it good to wear socks while sleeping?

If we go to bed in socks, it helps to stabilize body temperature. Thus, we will avoid feeling of cold in the middle of night, and, in turn, it will help us to get enough sleep better.

All population of Earth can be divided into those who sleep barefoot and those who go to bed in socks.

There are those who love at all seasons of the year that legs were “protected”, and even in the summer they cannot fully have a rest if something disturbs them.

So … That it is better: to sleep in socks or without them? You learn about it from our article.

How you sleep?

Each person sleeps in own way. Some choose a cozy pajama, others prefer to take more blankets.

The third unscrew batteries on a maximum that in a bedroom it was warm and there was no need to muffle up. In the summer, they prefer the fan or the conditioner to sleep even without thin sheet from above.

The same and with the decision to sleep in socks or without them. In general, this matter of taste.

We do not intend to force you to change the habits or to speak to you that you do everything correctly or wrong, but we just want to clear this question a little: whether it is useful to sleep in socks, or not.

Experts say that it is possible to carry to “minuses” of this habit that legs too strongly sweat during the night.

Though socks help to keep legs in the warm, they can cause some not absolutely favorable consequences, including:

  • Infections (fungus, mycosis, peeling)
  • Bad blood circulation (especially, if socks too hard on anklebones)
  • Legs have not a rest and are not aired
  • There is an unpleasant smell because they are all night long closed

Good news is that for prevention of all these problems just it is worth putting on clean socks before going to bed. That is, never you go to bed in the same socks in which you walked during the day.

Not only because they already dirty, but also because in them sweat collected, bacteria and they can even soil sheets. Besides, it is necessary to use that type of socks which do not squeeze an anklebone and do not worsen blood circulation.

Try to choose cotton or better still, special socks which are used, for example, on planes or for long trips.

So, if you want to sleep as the baby, without waking up in the middle of night, is better to sleep in socks. Whether you know that those who put on socks for the night feel more comfortably than if they were spread with several blankets?

Socks will prevent sharp changes of body temperature, and it will not sadden your dream. It will allow us not to rise in a toilet at dawn and not to disturb the one who sleeps nearby!


Forgotten Socks

sleep with socks onNobody can deny that it is the most imperceptible part of all our clothes.

They hide in boots or under trousers, we do not even want that they were noticed, it is a shame to us to show them during the intimate moments with our partner or on consultation with the doctor.

Lack of the “correct”, most neutral pair of socks can drive us to despair since morning! However, there are more and more fashionable companies which pay attention to socks and offer various coloring, materials and types of this modest, but important article of clothing.

The research conducted by the Spanish Neurologist Society indicates that one of ways it is good to get enough sleep, it validly to sleep in socks.

Apparently, the simple habit allows us to enjoy hours of a quiet dream and prevents emergence of chronic sleeplessness. Even it is possible to tell that socks are magic means which is capable to help us to forget about daily problems!

There are also other reasons why we have frustration of a dream: the physiological changes caused by age, travel, influence of extreme temperatures, change of a situation or unbalanced food.

Yes, we can remember a set of “grandmother’s means” in order that it is better to sleep (from hot tea to a bathroom before going to bed, still it is possible to have dinner or consider easily sheep), but is proved that putting on socks we receive the solution of all our troubles.

Of course, for this purpose we have to follow also and another “rules of a good dream”, for example, to avoid physical activity at night, not to have coffee or Coca during a dinner, and also not to watch TV in a bed.

Blood circulation

The British scientists made another experiment connected with human physiology. This time mass researches concerned process of a dream and a role in it clothes objects, in particular, a sock.

Several hundreds of people took part in scientific research. It became clear that fell asleep quicker and more deeply those who before going to bed put on socks slept.

As it appeared, in influence the sock on a dream is not present anything “mystical”. It is all about blood circulation. Blood, moving on a big circle, from warm the sock around feet in addition “heats up”, and already “warmed up” moves back, “on the road” well influencing bodies and calming nervous system. By the way, earlier, one more research too of the British scientists showed beneficial influence a sock, put on by the man before sex. Business too as it appeared, in blood circulation. The warmed-up blood “disperses” the main genital quicker.

Of course, preference should be given to socks from natural materials, but not synthetics.

Everything depends on temperature in the room

Ardent opponents of, to sleep in socks, can change the opinion if learn about recent researches on this subject. Nobody will argue that good rest serves for strengthening of our memory, helps to recharge batteries and even promotes regeneration of skin. Nevertheless, in order that all these processes worked, it is necessary that all night long temperature of our body did not change.

At dawn air temperature is always lower, than in the afternoon, and the same happens to our body. Therefore it is probable that you fall asleep under one blanket, but in the middle of the night you want to be wrapped up in something else. The clothes which we choose are important for a dream. It is very useful to sleep in socks which warm our legs, and sometimes it is just necessary.

Just as it happens during the day if you have constantly cold legs, then and all body freezes therefore at night socks are simply necessary to feel comfortable. If legs in heat, veins extend, and heat extends on all body. The brain “understands” that everything is good and is ready to rest. If, on the contrary, legs cold, then, therefore, both the body and a brain have to work more to regulate temperature. It prevents us to relax and fill up becomes much more difficultly.