About Us

Adam & JillHello,

We want to introduce ourselves and provide an insight of what Socksaholic is about.

I’m Adam and my beautiful wife is Jill. We are both addicted to socks and actually that is how we met. We traded rare socks online and met each other in New York while doing a transaction of rare homemade socks. This is how our relationship began and as this is a mutual hobby we are now together for over 6 years and our relationship is still going strong. We both love socks and we can talk about them for ages.

We created this website with the idea of helping people to find best socks for the activities they do day by day basis. We are always looking for new ideas for socks and if you have any please let us know. We write and put articles online about best socks for all kinds of activities. You may wonder how we find what is best, well in short, we ask for professionals of these activities and our main interest is socks.

Socksaholic site idea came to our heads one night after we were asked by friends who were looking for best hiking socks options as they were preparing to go hiking for the first time and wanted to feel comfortable. Of course, we helped them but later that night an idea popped to our heads about creating a site only about socks, so here it is, it’s live. It’s been over a year till we decided to actually go online and launch this site.

We put all our knowledge and never stop looking for news about latest technology winnings in order to provide news and useful articles about what we love most – SOCKS!

To finalize this introduction, we want to let you know that this blog is our own opinion and of course we are doing our best to provide detailed articles about interesting topics and of course we are being as honest as we can. We hope that you will like our site and come back often for interesting stuff and of course when you will be looking to get yourself a pair of nice socks.

Peace and take care,
Adam & Jill