Best Work Boot Socks

Best Socks For Work Boots 2024

Wearing comfortable work boots is very important if you’re going to be doing a lot of hard physical labor the entire day. The market for sturdy and comfortable work boots is massive and lot of people are trying to get the best boots possible. However, getting comfortable work boot socks is still largely neglected.

Since working boots are mostly made up of tough and harsh materials, it becomes imperative to wear socks underneath them that soften the impact of those shoes. For this you need good quality work boot socks to go with your work boots. Work boot socks are especially designed to be thicker to give better protection to the feet against the harsh work boots.

Work boots socks are manufactures to be softer, more supportive and provide maximum cushioning and comfort to you throughout the day so that you don’t feel exhausted. Finding good quality work boot socks can be difficult because they come in a large variety of types, each maximized for a specific function. But we did our research and compiled the best ones to choose from, so you can stop worrying about your foot comfort while working.

True Athlete Heavy Work Boot Socks

Pure Athlete Heavy Work Boot SocksThe True Athlete work boot socks are perfect socks to go underneath your heavy duty work boots when it comes to providing the best in comfort. These socks are very thick, and their thickness provides the perfect padding and cushioning against the hard materials of work boots. If you work long hours in a day, the padding on these socks will keep you comfy throughout the day.
The thickness of the True Athlete work boot socks also keeps your feet, ankles and calves toasty warm throughout the cold winter days. Although the key feature of these socks is their thickness, they don’t make your feet feel too sweaty. The material of these socks is made to breathable so that heat can escape while also keeping your feet warm at all times.

The True Athlete work boot socks also come with moisture wicking technology which keeps your socks, and ultimately your feet, protected from all kinds of external moisture. This way if any extra water somehow manages to get inside your work boot, it will not seep into your socks.


  • Help with chronic foot strain
  • Thick for warmth and comfort
  • High length goes up to your calves


  • Tight around the calves
  • Plain look and simple design
  • Too heavy in weight for some consumers
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Fox River Military Fatigue Fighter Over-The-Calf Compression Socks

The Fox River Military Fatigue Fighter Over-The-Calf Compression Socks are designed specifically to provide support and comfort to all the muscles in the feet and the calves. These socks come with a special compression technology. They are designed with graduated series of compression that slowly increases the higher up on the leg that we go, all the way up to the calf. This compression gives you maximum support when you’re standing or walking around too long in your work boots.

These socks also come with a Sentry technology that helps in eliminating all the bad odors from your feet. It has embedded micro fiber in the fabric which seals and protects the foot from smelling bad. The best part about the Fox River brand is that they also have an exchange warranty of one year where any problems in the socks will be taken back and they’ll replace it for you with a new pair. They also come with URfit technology which gives your socks a custom fit to the shape of your foot by using knit memory compression in the fiber.


  • Snug custom fit
  • Stay in place
  • Good cushioning at the sole


  • Price is on the high side
  • Air flow is lesser than other brands
  • Fuzz develops after washing
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Fox River Heavyweight Steel-Toe Crew Cut Socks

Fox River Adult Military SocksThe Fox River Heavyweight Steel-Toe Crew Cut Socks are one of the heavier and thicker work boot socks out on the market. This is a great quality because if your work boots have steel toes, then these thick socks protect your foot from all that harshness and give you a nice barrier between the foot and the boot.

This heavy weight of the socks, however, makes these socks unsuitable for other types of work boots, but they work best for steel toe boots. The ankle length of these socks is great for those who don’t like having their entire leg covered in thick socks and find it too restraining. These socks are also highly durable and remain in their original condition even after several washes.
The material of these socks is largely acrylic, which makes them nonabsorbent. This keeps away moisture and odor and give it a soft feeling on your feet at the same time. These socks are also weaved in such a way so as to support the natural curves and contours of your foot which makes them comfortable for work boots.


  • Great protection in steel toe work boots
  • Thickness provides great cushioning
  • Highly durable materials


  • Too heavy for normal work boots
  • Not suitable for wearing in the summer
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Darn Tough William Jarvis Boot Full Cushion Socks

Darn Tough William Jarvis Boot Full Cushion SocksThe Darn Tough William Jarvis Boot Full Cushion Socks are made of wool so they are the best suited for wearing under your work boots in the cold winter months. These socks are made of high quality Merino wool that has adaptable temperature control qualities. The wool is very soft and doesn’t cause any itchiness and provides superior warmth all day long.

These socks have moisture wicking done, which means that they repel any kind of moisture that comes into contact with them, despite being made of a woolen material. Since the material in these socks is moisture repellent, they also dry very fast which makes them great for washing and drying easily in cold weather.

The material of these socks also has antimicrobial properties and doesn’t allow any bacteria to thrive inside your boots or cause any odor. A lot of people that buy and use these socks report that they need very little washing and can be used multiple days in a row without collecting up a lot of bad odor. The wool also maintains its original shape after wearing for a long time and doesn’t loosen up.


  • High quality wool keeps feet warm
  • Socks maintain shape
  • Don’t require frequent washes


  • Thinner than other socks
  • Shorter length
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Fox River Military Wick Dry Maximum Mid-Calf Boot Sock

Fox River Military Wick Dry Maximum Mid Calf Boot SockThe Fox River Military Wick Dry Maximum Mid-Calf Boot Sock is one of the medium weight sock varieties from the Fox River brand. Not only is this sock lighter than others from the same brand, but it is also one of the softer and comfier varieties. These socks also give a lot of supportive cushioning to your feet against rough textures of the work boots and even work well as protection against steel toe boots.

The problem with many work boot socks is that they lose their shape after a few uses and start to sag and no longer fit properly. That is not a problem for these socks as they are made using memory knit weaving and compression which makes them hold their shape as original even after multiple uses.

Another great thing about this sock is that the top of the sock is rib shaped for maximum hold and compression. The spandex material makes sure your socks don’t lose their elasticity and there are also multiple compression zones located around the sock for maximum grip and comfort. The sock is made up of a great combination of natural and synthetic materials that make it easy to wash and dry.


  • Great shape
  • Compression zones
  • Ribbed top


  • Shrinks on wash
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TeeHee Heavyweight Outdoor Wool Thermal Boot Socks

TeeHee Heavyweight Outdoor Wool Thermal Boot SocksAlthough there are many kinds of socks in the market that are designed to be worn under work boots for maximum support and comfort, making the socks insulated is still a largely neglected area. A lot of people think that since work boot socks tend to be thicker and have more cushioning as well, they might be warmer too. However, this is not true at all because even with their thickness many work boot socks are poorly insulated.

This is where the TeeHee Heavyweight Outdoor Wool Thermal Boot Socks come in with their thermal insulation technology that locks warmth into your feet. They achieve this by using a warm wool blend that locks warm air inside the socks and prevents it from escaping out easily. This makes these socks ideal for wearing in the winter months under your work boots.

The elastic band on top of the socks is also made from especial materials that holds it in place without being too tight or cutting of circulation in the leg. These socks also work great with mid length boots and are ideal for use when going hiking in the cold weather at higher altitudes.


  • Natural warm wool fiber keeps feet warm
  • Warm air locking technology
  • Comfortable elastic


  • Sizes tend to be too big
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Darn Tough Men’s Merino Wool Hiker Boot Sock Full Cushion Socks

Darn Tough Men's Merino Wool Hiker Boot SockThe Darn Tough Men’s Merino Wool Hiker Boot Sock Full Cushion Socks are one of the most ideal winter hiking socks that can be worn under work boots. Looking for sturdy and cushiony working boot socks made of wool is a task that can become very tiresome. Most warm woolen working boot socks are very itchy or not durable enough or often end up losing their shape and texture. The Darn Tough Men’s Merino Wool Hiker Boot Sock Full Cushion Socks however, don’t use wool like that.

These socks are made of premium blended warm Merino wool that keeps your feet warm throughout a cold winter day without causing you any discomfort. They are designed to be seamless so they are smooth all over without any uncomfortable ridges. The true seamless design also gives your foot a snug fit and prevents the sock from slipping off or bunching up in one place. These socks come with a life time quality guarantee which is remarkable. The Darn Tough Men’s Merino Wool Hiker Boot Sock Full Cushion Socks also come in a wide variety of bright and cheerful colors to choose from.


  • Keeps feet dry
  • Merino blended wool
  • Seamless construction that prevents slipping


  • Costly price for everyday use socks
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Soxnet Eco Friendly Heavy Weight Recycled Cotton Thermals Boot Socks

Soxnet Eco Friendly Heavy Weight Recyled Cotton Thermals Boot SocksSoxnet thermal boot socks are made from 100% recycled cotton materials which makes them very desirable and environment friendly. These socks have a special cushioning and padding near the toe area as well as the heel area which maximizes comfort in hard work boot.

Unlike most other work boot socks available in the market, the Soxnet thermal boot socks come with a much wider elastic to keep them from slipping off the leg. The elastic is also ribbed for maximum compression and the wideness distributes the pressure uniformly over your leg without concentration in one place.

The variety of colors available in these socks is also vast. They come with a neutral base color and then choice of four accent colors on the ankle, toe and heels parts. Since these socks are thermal cotton, they are very absorbent of sweat and also keep the feet incredibly warm even in the coldest temperatures. Although the material of these socks is thermal, they are not too thick. This means lesser weight and reduced bulk, which makes socks perfect for light boots.


  • Good selection of colors available
  • Recycled materials and eco friendly
  • Thermal materials ensure heat remains trapped


  • Average value for money
  • Some complaints of material being too thin
  • Toe area a bit small
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Wearing Socks While We Work Is Important

At first it looks as a simple idea and we have no real understanding of how wearing socks during our daily working routine is helping us, so we want to remind some of the key facts.

  • Protecting our feet – It’s not all about comfort because socks also offer an additional layer of protection to our feet from accidents and any harm that can be caused while you work, no matter if you do it very actively or passively. For those who work in factories or construction industry wearing proper gear will help to be safe and comfortable as you never know what may happen.
  • Hygiene – First thing that should be considered is sweat. Men tend to produce smellier sweat than women and this is why it’s important to have proper socks for feet standing in boots all day long. Moisture control is important as nobody likes and wants the odor to fill up and problems arise then you want to get rid of it. Work boot socks are solving this problem with special technologies that keeps your feet dry and clean by soaking up sweat.
  • Feeling comfort while you work – It’s important to feel comfort while we work and socks are one of the key features that makes this happen. Wearing them makes us feel more productive, responsive, having an alert feeling and just feeling more comfort in general. This makes working routine much more pleasurable experience.

This review will help you see the best types of work boot socks available in the market and what makes them stand out from each other so that you can choose.

Importance Of Feet Comfort During Work

Comfortable work boots can make a huge difference when it comes to your level of comfort. However, wearing a good pair of work boots while neglecting to wear good quality work boot specific socks can reduce a lot of comfort for your feet. Wearing a good pair of work boot socks is absolutely essential when it comes to making your feet feel comfortable during work.
The biggest factor to look for in work boot socks is the comfort they provide. If your socks feel comfortable, you’ll be able to focus more on your work and feel refreshed at the end of a long working day instead of feeling exhausted.

The second factor to consider is protection work boot socks offer from the harsh boots. By protecting your feet they can save you from all kinds of foot deformities and pain. Another important factor of wearing work boot socks is the hygiene factor. If you wear boots without socks they can get very smelly and harbor lots of bacteria. Wearing work boot socks keeps your boots and feet hygienic and free from any kind of long term damage to the boot and any bacteria.


As we’ve seen there are many different types of work boot socks available in the market. There is a large variety when it comes to materials, fitting, warmth, length and many other factors to choose from. The ultimate choice you make depends largely on your personal preferences and the kind of work you actually do.

The choice of work boot socks depends not only on the nature of your work, but the weather in which you work, the hours you work for, and ultimately the type of work boots you wear. As long as you realize the importance and benefits that work boot socks provide, you can make an informed choice for yourself.

To make your choice, simply list down all the characteristics you find important in your work boot socks. Then prioritize them by giving them rankings. After that the choice will become much easier and more informed.